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XTREMEZONE Romania is a community founded on the social aspect of gaming. We started as a group of friends and slowly we want to expand into a big community with many friends. We always valued the joy of playing games with others and overcoming challenges together over sitting behind a pc toiling away, alone.

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  1. Discutii - ( pana la implementarea chat-ului)

    Cand revine myxz.org sau deja si-au luat administratorii jucariile si papusile si au plecat in alt loc de joaca?
  2. 1. Nume : Bogdan 2.Produs : Cont Origin - Battlefield 1, sims 3, sims 4 3.Pret: Negociabil putem face si schimburi 4.Date de contact: bogdan.shaft pe skype 5.Detalii:Am atasat cateva poze.

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